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Next up! The interview.

I’d like to thank everyone who sent in questions for the interview with John Finnemore at EuroAirDotCon in Milan 2014. We got to use a lot during the long interview on Saturday, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to film or transcribe that. I’d still like to let everyone know if their question came up, so in short I’ll put those down here. From memory, so they’re not exact quotes I’m afraid.

Lucas, USA - will Arthur make a cameo in other shows?
If he did, only we would know. John wouldn’t refer to him by name. But yes, he might.

Janna, Netherlands - were the characters based on real life people or made up entirely?
Some aspects were based on real life people but it doesn’t work if you try and stick to that one person. So instead one character would be based on several real life people; he’d take different character trades from different people.

Roo, UK - was the cat freezing in the hold ok?
Yes! That was why they landed, so the cat would be ok. No need to worry about the cat anymore!

Steph, Brighton - why did Carolyn and her sister Ruth fall out?
Ruth is a nasty piece of work.Carolyn left and married well and Ruth was jealous and just not a nice person.

Andy, Yorkshire - is there anyone you haven’t worked with but would like to?
Hundreds. Hugh Laurie, Michael Palin, Victoria Wood.

Kathryn, UK - when you’re writing sketches for JFSP, do you write them with the actor who will play the part in mind?
He didn’t used to but now he knows how their voices are used best, he does it more often.

And the last question was “what’s your favorite ‘since you ask me’ story” and he replied with “Well! Since you ask me for my favorite since you ask me!” (it was the goats one)

Some funny other details that have to be mentioned: John has read several manuals, some technical ones even. If he had lost his voice, who would’ve replaced him as Arthur? (he began to explain that they did it with Benedict and half way through went, wait, there’s no one here who doesn’t know this) I think he named Colin Hopp and Matt Green. Arthur drives a brown car, but what about John? He doesn’t have a car at the moment but used to drive a purple one.

We also got a scoop that is featured in the interview! More about that later.

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Fizz! Buzz! Quiz part 2


So, I’ve gotten a few asks with the answers and just to keep you in suspense, I’m not posting a tally. But after the Read More, you can find the next round of questions!

If you’ve missed the first ones, no worries! They can be found here, and you can reply with those answers as well until I post all the answers (still somewhere in the next week). So, go and also action for part 2!

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